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Nutrifield Stonewool is a reliable and beneficial substrate for gardeners.

It contains a low density and vertically oriented fibre structure, this allows for simple irrigation and drainage which optimises root developement. Stonewool substrates provide root developement protection and control, that assist in generating the highest quality crop.

Available in

  • Size: I4400 I4400
  • Size: I4190 I4190
  • Size: I4170 I4170
  • Size: I4155 I4155
  • Size: I4150 I4150
  • Size: I4100 I4100
  • Size: I4000 I4000
  • Size: I4420 I4420
Nutrifield’s Stonewool substrate is essential for unrestricted and uniform root growth. It provides the most effective way to control both nutrient and water delivery.
Nutrifield’s Stonewool is firm and durable, protecting roots from physical damage.
The Stonewool has a vertical fibre structure that benefits root distribution by growing downward at an accelerated speed.
Nutrifield’s Stonewool build allows for greater evaporation, reducing the risk of harmful diseases and infections such as algae and fungi.