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Coco Gardener

The substrate coir is derived from dried coconut husk and is often referred to as “coco”. Like soil, coco offers structural support to the plant roots, while also providing many additional desirable properties. Coco provides a suitable environment to support beneficial microbes, which are known to encourage robust plant growth. Coco is inert, pathogen-free, eco-friendly, and extremely friable. It also has a high water retention capacity, which allows gardeners to feed plants less often as nutrients are retained by the coco around the plant roots. Using coco within hydroponic systems allows gardeners complete control of the nutrient profile, thereby facilitating excellent growth and robust plant development.
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Hydro Gardener

Hydroponics is a term used to describe soilless plant growth systems, wherein nutrients are provided as liquid hydroponic nutrient solutions. This includes Hydro Clay, deep water culture (DWC), ebb and flow, and nutrient film technique (NFT) systems. The benefits of Hydro Clay and substrate-free hydro systems include controlled nutrient supply to plant roots, reduced pests and diseases, and a high degree of aeration and drainage. Additionally, due to the lack of solid substrate, hydro growing gives gardeners more specific control over the degree to which roots are submerged and the duration of the nutrient supply. Hydro systems give gardeners the ability to customise their growth setups to match the plant-specific requirements for robust plant growth. Plants
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Soil Gardener

Plants have traditionally been grown outdoors in the ground or in pots containing soil or potting mix. This traditional substrate provides an effective base nutrient profile and a complex ecosystem of microbes to support plant growth. Soil systems may be enhanced by using nutrient supplements and additives to complement the nutrient profile and encourage the establishment of symbiotic microbes. Soil systems can be integrated into controlled indoor setups wherein the supply of supplemental liquid nutrients may be regulated and automated. Soil gardening is a user-friendly growing style, which utilises natural ecosystems to support healthy and robust plant growth.
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These accreditations are held by elite universities and high-quality industry research groups throughout Australia. Nutrifield’s accreditations ensure that R&D activities, including product development and quality maintenance, conform to national standards and allow for the pursuit of high quality innovative research.

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