Nutrifield is an Australian, family-owned business which has been providing premium products for the horticultural industry, specialising in hydroponic and agricultural applications, since 2004. Our success is based on our renowned products, developed by expert scientists who are passionate about growing plants. Whether you are a hobbyist gardener or a large-scale farmer, we believe our customers deserve the best products for their plants and we will strive to support all their endeavours.
Nutrifield is an industry leader in innovation, known for our patented Pro Pot system, high quality substrates, unique blends of biostimulants, and superior liquid nutrients. Our extensive product range gives gardeners and farmers the flexibility to customise their growing setups and support plant growth through all stages of plant development. We believe in sharing our passion to provide high quality, science-based products and to achieve a greener and more sustainable future.


The Nutrifield® Team

Research & Development

We at Nutrifield® are well on our way to becoming an International market leader driven by passion for the industry. Our Research & Development team spearheads the movement by going the extra mile in all phases of testing and trials. We listen closely to our customers to ensure we stay on point by providing cutting edge solutions for their gardening success.

We have upgraded our testing facilities to a larger, state-of-the-art laboratory in order to meet the demands of gardeners internationally. We have also expanded the size of our grow facilities to speed up R&D for the creation of new products.

We at Nutrifield® are incredibly proud of our new agronomy team that works in synergy with our R&D team. The field of Agronomy encompasses the study of plant genetics, physiology, and soil science. Their knowledge is crucial for a more complete understanding of what plants require, and to validate that every Nutrifield® product makes a positive difference through extensive research.

Nutrifield® is all about creating the best growing solutions for gardeners around the world.