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Regulator A & B

Regulator A and Regulator B are APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) registered, plant growth regulators, which work in sequence to mediate the activity of gibberellic acid within the plant to end the vegetative phase by limiting vertical then lateral growth, respectively.
Regulator A provides the ability to control the plant height and the timing of the end of the vegetative phase, and Regulator B provides the ability to control the initiation of the flowering phase, to achieve uniform flower development and fruit set.

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Nutrifield Regulator A contains paclobutrazol, which halts vertical growth by mitigating gibberellic acid, a naturally occurring plant hormone that stimulates plant cell elongation. Gibberellic acid inhibition limits vertical growth and reduces internodal spacing. Nutrifield Regulator A gives gardeners control over their plants’ heights and the duration of the growing cycles.
When vertical growth is inhibited with Nutrifield Regulator A, plants react by increasing their lateral branching, which increases the number of flowering nodes. It also produces a more uniform canopy height, reducing shadowing and permitting even light penetration for optimum results.
Nutrifield Regulator B contains chlormequat chloride (CCC), which limits vegetative growth and initiates the beginning of the flowering phase. By halting vegetative growth, energy is redirected towards floral development, resulting in a higher yield. Nutrifield Regulator B triggers uniform flower formation and maturation, leading to greater quality of yields.
Nutrifield Regulator B stimulates increased chlorophyll content, and regulates stomatal openings to prevent fruit and flower loss. Nutrifield Regulator B also helps crops to cope more effectively with environmental stressors, such as drought and temperature extremes.