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Myco Thrive®

Myco Thrive is a specialised blend of beneficial, symbiotic fungi, which promote vigorous plant growth. The inoculation of substrates with Myco Thrive, establishes a healthy rhizosphere, where hyphae of the beneficial fungi interact with the plant root system to increase the effective root surface area. Myco Thrive promotes increased nutrient uptake which supports improved, vigorous plant growth and yield.

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Nutrifield Myco Thrive achieves best results when used to inculcate substrates at the start of a growing cycle. This ensures the mycorrhizae are well established in time for the flowering phase. The mycorrhizae improve the bioavailability of the micronutrients zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), as well as the macronutrient phosphorous (P), which is in increased demand during the flowering phase. Improved phosphorous availability enhances flowering to increase fruit and flower yield.
Mycorrhizae are root fungi that live symbiotically with the plant, meaning both the plant and the fungi benefit from the interaction. The plant provides the fungi with an environment to grow within its roots, while the mycorrhizae take up complex nutrients from the environment and process them into plant-bioavailable forms. Nutrifield Myco Thrive supports vigorous plant growth by improving the availability of complex nutrients in the substrate.